Air//Rail 2010: Lyon Airport
18 and 19 October 2010


Air//Rail 2010, the 20th International Conference on Air-Rail Transportation Trends, Investment and Opportunities, took place at Lyon Airport on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 October 2010.

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Participants at Air//Rail 2010 may download presentations (as PDFs) made at the Conference (Login and Password for Air//Rail 2010 participants required).

Click on the name of the Presentation to download the paper.
(Some of the presentations are up to 7mB in size)

If you did not participate at Air//Rail 2010, but wish to download the presentations, these are available to purchase. For futher information, please email:

Future Development of Lyon Airport

Philippe Bernand
Chief Executive Officer
Lyon Airport

Intermodality at Lyon Airport

Stéphane Geffroy
Sales and Marketing Director
Lyon Airport 

Rhônexpress: role and future strategy

Yves Perillat

Strategy for developing a rail shuttle to downtown Montréal

Robert Landry
Vice-President, Engineering and Construction
Aéroports de Montréal

Link to Montreal Aérotrain video - click HERE

The role of rail for "medium distance" access to airports

Matthew A Coogan
Consultant in Transportation

Manchester Airport’s experience with Regional Rail link to the Airport

Bob Longworth
Ground Transport Manager
Manchester Airport

Air-rail developments in Italy

Giulio De Carli
Chief Executive Officer
One Works

Malpensa air-rail development plan: from “competition” to “complementarity”

Gianpaolo Pirani
Airport Planning & Design Manager
SEA Milan Airports

EU passenger rights legislation

Jan Scherp
Directorate General for Mobility and Transport
Unit for Services of General Economic Interest, passenger rights & infringements
DG MOVE A.4 Unit
European Commission

New technical standards for data interchange for ticketing and passenger information for rail: TAP-TSI

Stefan Jugelt
Project Officer for Telematic Application, Interoperability Unit
European Railway Agency

Airport Links: Maximising the value and benefits of Media Commercialisation

Julian S. Macey
International Outdoor Media Consulting

The importance of aesthetics for air-rail trains, stations and infrastructure

Cesar Vergara
Chief Designer
Vergara Studio

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The Conference Lunch was kindly sponsored by RE:SYSTEMS

In addition to the Conference Sessions, the Event Programme included:

  • A Technical Site Visit of Lyon Airport, including the air-rail terminal and the new tram station - organised by Aeroports de Lyon

  • Journey on the new tram from Lyon Airport to Central Lyon - organised by Rhonexpress

  • Tour of Historic Lyon and Dinner - hosted by the Departement de Rhone

Air//Rail 2010 in Lyon was organised in co-operation with the International Air Rail Organisation